Life and A Day - Iranian Film Festival 2017

Neue Filme aus dem Iran

Vom 1. bis 7. Juni 2017 findet im Houdini und im Riffraff die dritte Ausgabe des Iranian Film Festival Zürich statt. Es werden neue Filme aus dem Iran präsentiert. Die Programmübersicht finden Sie hier.

«Life And A Day»
Somayeh feels at a loss. Her only desire is to leave her family and take her destiny in hand, yet the love of her sick mother and exceptionally bright brother holds her back. One day, her elder brother, Morteza, introduces her to an Afghan who wants to marry her and take her to Afghanistan. Despite herself, but moved by her brother's concern, she accepts the offer, seeing it primarily as a means of escaping her family. And then, at the very last minute, she discovers the hidden face of the marriage proposal.

Der Film wird in der Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt.

Life and A Day - Iranian Film Festival 2017

von Saeed Roustayi
mit Payman Maadi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Parinaz Izadyar

Iran 2016, 115 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 07.06.2017