The Price We Pay

How offshore tax havens and tech giants of the cloud economy are eroding the foundations of the democratic state

Director Harold Crooks blows the lid off the dirty world of corporate malfeasance with this incendiary documentary about the dark history and dire present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance, which has seen multinationals depriving governments of trillions of dollars in tax revenues by harboring profits in offshore havens.

Tax havens, originally created by London bankers in the 50s, today put over half the world’s stock of money beyond reach of public treasuries. Nation states are being reshaped by this offshoring of the world’s wealth. Tax avoidance by big corporations and the wealthy citizens of nowhere for tax purposes is paving the way to historic levels of inequality and placing the tax burden on the middle class and the poor. Crusading journalists, tax justice campaigners and former finance and technology industry insiders speak frankly about the accelerating trends that are carrying the Western world to an unsustainable future.

«The Price We Pay» is screened in its original version with English subtitles.

The Price We Pay

von Harold Crooks

Kanada 2014, 90 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 22.11.2015